28 May 2014

Dress Like a Renaissance Painting


Believe it or not most of our artistic abilities and creative flare's are influenced by the Renaissance. It was the re-birth of art and culture in the 15th Century and without this movement art may have been very different to what it is today.

So to celebrate this we should all dress like a Renaissance painting.


1.Portrait of A Man, Jan Van Eyck, 1433 & Nadine Ijewere
2.Venus and Mars, Botticelli, 1483
3.Birth of Venus, Botticelli, 1486
4.Madonna of Chancellor Rolin, 1435, Jan Van Eyck
5.Bacchus and Ariadne, Titan, 1522-23
6.Mona Lisa, Da Vinci, 1503-6 & Nadine Ijewere


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