23 May 2014

The Freezer

Problems of a Drunk Fashion Student

Whats inside a student's freezer? 

Students praise the freezer, it is the best thing since the wheel or tinder. Most foods left in cupboards and fridges are just a ticking time bomb before it goes a delightful colour of blue. 

It might be down to our overwhelming shopping experiences when left in Morrisons or Tesco's alone. In our hungry state we buy all food we can carry home; only to be left in our cupboard or fridge. 

You would imagine a student would easily eat everything or anything, but in my experience during my panic buys I never buy anything that goes together as a meal. I've also had the re-occurring incident of my chicken defrosting on the tube, for those who haven't travelled on the tube it's like a menopausal women. Sat by a vent or at the far end of a carriage and a cold breeze sweeps over your face (and probably your hair into the next passengers face) however on most days it will give anyone a hot flush and you'll be sat their sweating.

So it is coming to the end of the academic year and what do I have left in my freezer? Plus also what do my flatmates have in their freezers? 

Half Eaten Tub of Ice Cream
Believe it or not this is not my half eaten ice cream. About a month ago it mysteriously got left in my freezer draw and no has claimed it yet.

Mouldy Sausages
Put in the freezer when I went home for a weekend and then got lost under the bag of broccoli until today. I still can't work out how I manage to let food go off even when frozen. 

There is only one possible question, why did I put rice in the freezer?

Waitrose Yorkshire Puddings
The rare occasion I feel wealthy and sophisticated I allow myself to shop here. They were brought alongside a decision to attempt a roast, only to find out roasts are impossible in a student kitchen. I thought buying eggs and milk would be a bad idea as it would only go off. Equally as worse Yorkshire's are the one thing that only go with two possible dishes, 1 toad in the hole and 2 a roast. The first of which I would only make from scratch as sausages next to a frozen pud is not the most appetising. 

Pizza Hut Ice Cream, 
Left here by my friend that came to visit the first week I moved in. I've never got round the concept of pizza hut serving ice cream.

A distorted Ice Pack. 
You never know when you might need one, however it loses its purpose when you freeze it while curled up in a ball. Someone could turn this into an art project one day, manneristic ice packs. (Mannerism was a period in art where figures were distorted and had elongated limbs for those non-art lovers)

Tesco Value Broccoli
Thought it was the best idea buying frozen veg in bulk. However I shortly discovered it tastes like shit.

My trusty peas I brought today. Peas will go with any meat/potato/rice combination, perfect for getting that nonexistent 5-a-day. My mum once put them in pasta "If the Chinese can put them in rice, then we can put them in Pasta" Just one of the infamous quotes from my mother.

Flatmate No.1: On the left, a weird egg-like food with a peanut filling? What?

Flatmate No.2: A lot of dumplings. 

Flatmate No.3: I can't really describe this. 


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