29 May 2014

Black Is Not Just For Funerals

If I've learnt one thing from paying £9k a year at university it would have to be 'It's ok to wear all black'. A truthful statement that my friends have taught me. Maybe I've learnt this because I'm getting sucked into the typical cliche of an art student and next year you'll see me cut my hair short and also see various pictures of me smoking on a rooftop. 

If you're going to buy anything black it has to be a pair of black skinny jeans. I was devastated when my pair broke the other day; when I went to the bathroom and in an attempt to do them back up the rivet went flying underneath the cubicle wall and into the next. One of the 'classy' moments in life. It seems like androgynous and unisex fashion is dubbed as cool now, however I am still ashamed to say I once had a boyfriend who had the same pair of black skinny jeans as me, it is for this reason that it's best we're not together anymore.

Black Jacket Jeans Belt Girl TumblrBlack Jacket White Trainers Bag Girl Tumblr

Nike Trainers Box Black White

Audrey Hepburn Trousers Bike FashionWhite Black Monochrome Tumblr Boots Walls

Credit: All images from tumblr.com


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