14 Apr 2014

What If I Did a Collab with Alexander Wang?


Would it be Wang x Hoare?

Yes, I have an unfortunate surname and No, the probability of me doing a collaboration with Alexander Wang is quite small. For the fact, the possibility of me doing collabs with most celebrities is not the minor fact I am not a fashion designer or high street store but who would want to work with a Hoare?

However you’ve probably seen that H&M are top notch when it comes to collaborations and the anticipation is huge for Alexander Wang’s first high street collection. He will be alongside prodigious names like BeyoncĂ©, Jimmy Choo, Versace, Madonna and Isabella Marant who have all worked with H&M.

Announced at midnight on Sunday Morning and to be still trending on twitter this afternoon is pretty impressive. The announcement came via. Instagram and soon later came a number of posts from his live event at Coachella. I wouldn’t be surprised if the celebs (most likely baked on... life) thought they were actually hallucinating.

So on November 6th drop by H&M after a night out and join the hungry queue of fashionista’s and eBay entrepreneurs in the early morning to get a chance of grabbing at least one sweatshirt. Otherwise resort to the Internet the next day to buy the collection at a heightened priced.

All Images from instagram.com/alexanderwangny


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