12 Apr 2014

How Practical is a Bum Bag on a Night Out?


Problems of a Drunken Fashion Student:

How Practical is a Bum Bag on a Night Out?

(Or Fanny Pack)

It is inevitable that within the lifestyle of a fresher there is going to be a few drunken antics that end in tragedy. As for me, my fresher’s tragedy happened only a few months ago when I woke up in the morning with no iPhone or Purse.

My faithful companion of my Primark clutch bag had failed me and was most likely somewhere in the depths of a London alleyway. So what other solutions are there for successfully coming home with both iPhone and Purse?

I would suggest the trusty bra, the ultimate storage rack, however unless you are Christina Hendricks or Kelly Brook this fails horribly. No one really wants to see an awkwardly placed rectangular third boob.

So I come to my real question…

Is the practical use of a Bum Bag much greater than the feeling of being judged?


When in the depths of a dark and grimy nightclub wanting to throw some shapes there is no greater awkwardness than hitting the guy next to you with an oversized clutch bag (fortunately this hasn’t happened to me yet).

Having your hands free is also essential when eating an obscure kebab at the end of the night.

I would like to thank my friend Sarah (The Ugly Gosling) for successfully wearing a bum bag on a drunken night out. She proves that a bum bag, can in fact, look good.

I would also like to point out the other practical means of a bum bag, for example in the rare case an elephant is robbing your sun hat.


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