15 Apr 2014

Hoare's Charity Shop Buys


I thought it was time I would reply to a question most of you have been asking; unlike my reply to the standard text message where my track record is about 5 hours. 

What Have You Brought in a Charity Shop?... I never find anything.

So here you go, a simple photo diary of most of my charity shop buys. Enjoy!

To answer your question of 'not finding anything', unlucky. I am sorry for the stress caused by the smell of old (and possibly deceased) people, please scroll down for some tips that might help you.

(Not quite Charity Shop but this was a wonderful handy down; same concept just missing out the charity part) (Disclaimer, always keep the charity part. Charities are good) 

As you know I am obsessed with charity shops and I regularly go in them 2 or 3 times a week, this really is my secret to success. When 'Grandma Hoare' goes on a charity tour, it's go hard or go home. A little lesson I've learnt from having mostly guys as best friends (although sometimes this doesn't end well, but I will blog about that later).

Right so here's my advice:
  1. Best Charity Shops for buys: 
British Heart Foundation
Cancer Research
  1. Worst Charity Shops for buys:
Oxfam (They're a bit too picky with what they sell, and usually overpriced)
  1. I usually know what I am looking for, this helps a lot.
  1. When scanning rails I look for interesting patterns and fabrics, not the actual clothes.
  1. Look in the opposite sex's section too.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I have also found out my Macbook apparently can't count past one, maybe I should revert back to Windows.


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