2 May 2014

"Fuck, There's Kate Moss"



If I knew when I woke up 10 minutes before leaving for uni that I would later be standing 3m away from Kate Moss, I probably wouldn't of worn dungarees complete with my trusty Kanken and no make up. It's days like this you wished you always looked good but thats part of London, anything can happen.

Forgetting the Kate Moss launch at the Topshop Flagship store we ventured to Oxford Street for other various university projects, only when we spotted a few people queueing did we realise.

So after all was done, at 3:30pm we joined the queue (with a two hour wait) to be the first to see the collection and join the launch party.

None of us were real fans of Kate Moss, to be honest I think we had all failed as fashion students already by forgetting about the most anticipated event of the month, so joining the event made us seem like better students.
Should I mention we got free goody bags and food?? Including Byron Burgers and Chips, PopChips Crisps, Liberation Nuts, Lola Cupcakes and other various weird food. I put in a previous post about celebrity collaborations that I thought queueing up for hours wasn't the best idea and that Topshop should hand out bottle of water. Well... One thing I learnt students will do anything for free food and goodies. Second, yes Topshop do hand out bottles of water and with the amount of food we got I can say they treated us very well.

A lovely lady handing out Cupcakes to us, not bad cupcakes.

Soon the media came and started interviewing us about our hardcore ambitions to be the first to see Kate Moss's collection, I didn't have the heart to tell them we were only here for the free food however after the first couple of interviewers we were honest with them.

5:00pm: Security tightened and all shoppers were directed to the adjacent side of the road, inevitably crowds started to gather and soon it was packed.

6:00pm: After a brief introduction from Grimmy (Nick Grimshaw) himself and a live set from Duke Dumont, we were allowed in. The lucky 50 who joined the queue first.

The woman above we had seen earlier that day hobbling around on her crouches looking in pain and here she is carrying both crouches running around collecting clothes. It did make me laugh.

A small shot of the left over goodies that we didn't eat.

I'm not sure I would do this again but it was quite an experience, a very funny day in all.


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