24 Apr 2014

Would You Lock Yourself to a Door Because of Something Read on Google?


Today is Fashion Revolution Day.

Don't worry I didn't know this either until I was handed a leaflet about it earlier.

It seems the main agenda for today is changing the production of fashion as a result from the Bangladesh Factory incident this time last year. I met two groups who were campaigning in two very different ways on Oxford Street earlier today.

I didn't realise anything different about Oxford Street today until I walked past a women who had locked herself to the doors of United Colours of Benetton. There was only a small crowd built around the few campaigners however there message was having an effect on the people around them. The campaign consisted of stories and posters lied across the floor; while a person on each door had put bike locks around their necks to secure them to the door.

When talking to a campaigner he explained they closed the store by locking themselves to the doors at 9:30am this morning, half an hour before it should of opened. The manager of Benetton came out and confronted the campaigners stating Benetton had paid compensation towards the Bangladesh incident, however the campaigner said he found out through "google" that Benetton had not paid. He then went on to describe the situation as "awkward". He mentioned companies like "Primark" had paid compensation but not Bennetton. 

Would you really lock yourself to a door because of something read on google?

As I hung around watching people's reactions, more and more media turned up closely followed by police. The women locked to the door said to look up at the rooftops where police were gathering, she joked "I hope someone isn't going to shoot us".

I'm not sure I could lock myself to an object that can't move, maybe I haven't found the right subject that I feel passionate about. I would definitely have to look at some details first, like, where do you pee? How would you go to the toilet? How much food would be enough for an undefined period of time? What happens if you get a numb bum? Or cramp? Are you allowed to read a book while campaigning, or is that frowned upon because you're meant to be campaigning? 

I just don't think I have much in common with the women protesting outside Benetton, for instance she brought along a pot of Hummus with her and I don't like Hummus that much.

However it is a good cause and I am glad people are trying to change the working conditions for many factory workers abroad.


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