24 Apr 2014

Inside Out - Who Made Your Clothes?


Today is Fashion Revolution Day.

Don't worry I didn't know this either until I was handed a leaflet about it earlier.

I met a group of students on Oxford Street today campaigning "Who Made Your Clothes", changing factory conditions because of the tragedy that occurred in Bangladesh last year.

I spoke to a student from UAL, London College of Fashion who was on the street campaigning and handing out leaflets. She explained today was Fashion Revolution Day and they had arranged a walk at 4:30pm to highlight the Bangladesh incident. However our conversation fell short at that because although she was campaigning she didn't have much to say on this subject. It seemed more like a university assignment than a passionate cause to her.

I was expecting there walk to be dramatic, as dramatic as art students can be however it seemed me and my friends once started more of a "fash mob" on a Prague Pub Crawl by singing Yaya/Kolo Toure to the beat of No Limit by 2 Unlimited.  Resulting in nearly getting kicked off the crawl.

However looking on social media this campaign #InsideOut is brilliant, it's unfortunate the campaigners aren't wearing there clothes inside out on the streets, but it is really having an effect on twitter with 15,000 tweets in 24 hours. Soon it will really but the spotlight on retailers. Lets make sure no tragedies like Bangladesh happen again; we can prevent them.


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