10 Jul 2014

What I Learnt At GFW



One of the main aspects to getting a job in this industry is the dreaded unpaid internships, and for me until this point I had never done any work experience before (that's if you don't include 2 weeks working at Dorothy Perkins when I was 14 years old).

If you're not sure what GFW is, well it's what all graduate fashion designers aim for, it essentially is a big exhibition of their work which is showcased to high-end fashion followers with high-end fashion companies. It is a great place to get started.

I was clearly out of place when I turned up, I was wearing trainers, black jeans and a jumper, comfortably prepared for a long day. However I think I missed the memo to turn up dressed in your best despite the fact we were all working and had to wear black (which is no problem for fashion students). 

For the first couple of days I was given the important job of handing out leaflets and persuading fashionistas to move downstairs and visit the talks. I have to admit after 6 hours of handing out leaflets I had acquired a great skill of people watching. I can now successfully suggest what to wear to become a 'fashion girl' because ironically they all wore the same.

First of all choose between Miley Cyrus's buns or a classic middle parting. Secondly mix an undertakers coat with some stylish sandals, then add a Samantha Jones, Sex in The City 'people watching' hat (to hide how hungover you are).

So What's Next?
Could this possibly go further, with the girls obsession with Mean Girls, could this generate ideas? 


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