18 Apr 2014

10 Myths About Celebrity Collaborations


Some of us go crazy at the thought of a celebrity clothing hitting high street stores across the country. The nation joins together in inevitable queues so we can be the first to purchase the collection in an attempt to look exactly like them, but only to find out when we get home that all hope is lost. Resulting in a second attempt to build our self esteem by becoming another celebrity, Alan Sugar; selling it for double the price on eBay. Starting the cycle of fashion.

Can't think of any collaborations? Well here is a few:

Kardashian's for Dorothy Perkins
Madonna for Aldo
Katy Perry for Eylure
Rihanna for River Island
Beyonce for H&M
Kate Moss for Topshop
Lily Allen for New Look
Kelly Brook for New Look
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for M&S


1 - Celebrities are not broke when they decide to endorse high street brands.

2 - Madonna is too old.

3 - The celebrities design the clothes themselves.

4 - They give out free water bottles in the queues for Topshop.

5 - No one brought Beyonce's bikini range because no one can ever look as good as B in a bikini.

6 - Celebrity women bring out lingerie collections because they want to show off their bodies after a divorce.

7 - You will look like the celebrity when you wear their clothes.

8 - It's ok if you don't know who the celebrity is.

9 - Celebrities wear the clothes in their collections.

10 - The Kardashian's will never stop bringing out collaborations.

I decided to go out and interview a few of you on Oxford Street to find out what people really think of celebrities becoming temporary fashion designers. Here is a short documentary on what you had to say...

Your Opinion: Celebrity Collaborations with the High Street Brands from Harriet Hoare on Vimeo.

All opinions are my own, and all myths are made up. I do not recommend you believe these myths.


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